The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body!
The shell must break before the bird can fly
IMAGINE A WAITRESS at a restaurant, whose job requires her to go in and out of the kitchen through swinging doors. In doing her job, she must enter the kitchen to pick up the customer’s food, leave the kitchen to serve the food and enter the kitchen to return the dirty dishes.

What if one of the swinging doors to the kitchen doesn’t open completely; say it opens just 3/4 of the way (its motion is decreased). Does that affect the waitress’ ability to do her job? Well, it might slow her down, but she can probably still serve the customers.

Now comes the Friday night dinner rush and suddenly the pressure is on. The demand for service is high and she is beginning to sweat because it’s difficult to work when the swinging door won’t open all the way. When there were only a few customers in the restaurant, she was able to adapt by tilting the tray of food and easing it through the narrowed opening, but with the restaurant full of people, even her ability to adapt cannot accommodate the additional demand placed on her and she soon finds that her inadequate performance shows up in the form of decreased tips.


We Could...Pay her the difference between the tips she actually earned and what she might have earned with a properly working door. But that would be only a temporary solution and she would have the same problem again the next night.

We Could....have her work out so she could run faster between the tables and the kitchen, but that would only wear her down.

We Could..close the restaurant.

We Could...replace her with a faster waiter, but he would soon run into the same problem.

We Could...increase the ability of the door to open. Even if it opened 10% more, wouldn’t that help the waitress to a great degree?

Now review this scenario and replace the door with a vertebrae that does not have the proper motion. Replace the waitress with the nerve impulses which serve the customers of the body (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver....every tissue cell of the body). Replace the Friday night rush with a hectic time in your life which created one of the following:

Physical Demand...accidents, marathons, job repetition.
Chemical Demand....poor food quality, smoking, medicines and drugs poor air and water quality.
Emotional relationships, work, money.

AS CHIROPRACTORS we recognize the overwhelming stress we place on ourselves as a society and understand that in order to have the greatest capacity to deal with life’s many problems we must be functioning at our highest possible level. That is why we do not treat symptoms, but seek to find the cause as to why the person is not functioning optimally. We find that, when we remove the interference to an otherwise normally functioning nervous system, people are able to increase their performance in life.

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