The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body!
Your spine holds the key
Your spinal column holds the key to many of your health problems (as well as many of your health solutions). For it is through your spinal column that your nerves pass as they branch out to all your cells, tissues, organs, glands, and other parts of your body.

The spinal column supports these nerves in an ingenious way—with a series of connected bones, called vertebrae, that protect the nerves while allowing your body the full freedom of movement. However, when these vertebrae move out of their normal range of motion, health problems can occur.

When such spinal malfunctions occur suddenly and severely, due to the trauma of an accident, it can result in serious nerve damage, as the hard bones injure the every nerves they were meant to protect. In extremely severe cases, it can even result in paralysis.

There are also minor spinal malfunctions that occur in the normal course of daily living, called “vertebral subluxations.” Rather than damage your nerves, the vertebrae, in this case, more subtly exert a pressure that slowly interferes with your nerves’ normal energy flow. While subluxations can result in pain, quite often they do not, and, if left uncorrected over a period of time, they can disrupt your nervous system’s normal function of relaying vital nerve impulses to essential body parts. To use an analogy: it’s like a dimmer switch on a light fixture. When the switch is turned, it interrupts the electrical cycle and causes the voltage to be reduced—making a 100 watt bulb act like a 60 watt bulb.

Think of your vital organs—your heart, kidneys, liver, gall bladder—as “light bulbs.” As such, wouldn’t you want to be sure that they’re getting their proper flow of energy? Well, that’s the basic function of a chiropractor—to adjust your “dimmer switch” and help restore your “100 watt bulbs” to their normal wattage.

Actually, irritated nerves caused by vertebral subluxations, can result in either decreased or increased bodily functions in whatever organs those nerves supply. For instance, a sluggish liver or gall bladder indicates decreased activity, whereas an overactive stomach or rapid heartbeat indicates increased activity. Through a series of chiropractic adjustments, spinal irregularities are corrected and the conditions caused by subluxation can be relieved, and even eliminated.

Chiropractors call the free, unimpeded flow of vital nerve impulses: “100% Life Energy.” It is this life energy that miraculously created your body out of two microscopic cells; the very same innate intelligence that can also heal your body!

Chiropractic is here simply to give your own innate healing power a helping hand, by removing the interference. This is the primary principle that has guided the art and science of chiropractic for an entire century and has helped millions of people attain better health and well being.

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