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Low fat = deadly fat
Today, more than ever, our choices of foods are enormous. Prepared/processed foods are everywhere. Although we are gaining convenience, we are losing health. It is a dangerous misconceptions that a product labeled “Low Fat” is healthy for us. Most of the products that are labeled “Low Fat” contain a dangerous form of fat that is most often labeled as: “Partially Hydrogenated Oil”. This type of oil (which can be soybean, corn, palm, cottonseed etc.) actually increases dangerous free radicals in our body. Free radicals are known to increase the risk of cancer. These oils, labeled sometimes as “Trans-Fats or “Margarine” also cause inflammation within our joints and blood vessels. The inflammatory process can worsen arthritis and heart diseases.

It would be healthier to choose products without “Partially Hydrogenated Oils” (margarine or trans- fats). Ideally you should limit the intake of saturated fats as well. These include meat and dairy fat (such as cheese and butter). In moderation the saturated fats are not as dangerous as the Partially Hydrogenated Fats. Any “trans fat” is dangerous.

If you are searching for the healthiest oil, the answer can be found in the Mediterranean diet. The staple fat of this diet is Olive Oil. If you don’t care for the taste, Canola oil is the next best alternative. If you take the time to read some labels, you may be surprised at the amount of unhealthy oil you eat. The rewards of eliminating this deadly fat could be years on your life.

Ask your chiropractor about some of the common foods you may eat that contain these dangerous oils. The answers may surprise you and some simple changes may save your life.

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