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How healthy are you?
Have you ever taken the time to think about whether or not you are truly healthy? Most of the time when we assess our health we base the answer on how we are feeling. Unfortunately, how we feel is not really a good measure of how healthy we actually are. It is all too common to hear stories of people we know who have died just a day or two after they were pronounced “healthy”. If you had asked these people how they were feeling just a day or two before their death, they would have told you they were healthy.
Conversely, when we don’t feel well, it does not necessarily mean that we are unhealthy. True health is really a measure of whether or not all of our body systems are working to their full potential at all times. Healthy people should feel pain. If you touch a hot stove it is important to feel pain so you can remove your hand before severe damage is caused. If you get exposed to germs, it is often a healthy response to get a cough, sniffle or fever. Too often we rush to take medication to stop our bodies normal function. We suppress fevers and coughs as if they are all negative. If your body is healthy it is much better to trust in the innate wisdom that controls your functioning and allow the expression of symptoms.

So, if how we feel is not a good measure of our health, how do we ever really know if we are healthy? The answer is that you don’t. What we do know is that there are certain behaviors that are healthy. If we adopt strategies for healthy living then we can assume our bodies are as healthy as they can potentially be. If we are employing healthy strategies then our bodies can better adapt to the stress of our environment. These stresses come in physical, chemical and emotional forms. Many of them can not be eliminated but by behaving in a healthy way, we can better adapt to these stresses and remain well. The main spokes on the wheel of health are:


If you pay careful attention to taking care of these areas, you will be doing as much as you can for your health. A dedication to focusing on these parts of your lifestyle will go a long way toward making you healthy. The literature is filled with facts on what types of diet and exercise prolong life. We are blessed to be in an area that abounds with classes and programs geared towards improving mental attitude and attaining ultimate relaxation. In order to preserve the “mind body connection” it is imperative that you have your nervous system checked on a regular basis. Chiropractors are trained to detect subtle imbalances in your nervous system that could be robbing you of health. Good luck on your wellness journey.

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