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How Long Should I Continue Chiropractic Care?
As long as you like! How much chiropractic care you receive is entirely based on your personal goals regarding well being for yourself and/or your family. We do our best to make this clear from your first visit to our office. Our goal is different than that of other “health care” providers. We don’t try to reduce your discomfort on a temporary basis. Our efforts are directed at “enlivening” the natural process of life expression.

Most people in our society do not have a clear set of goals or expectations for their own well being, and therefore depend on others to set their goals for them. This concept seems to be appropriate in the medical/mechanistic environment in which most of us were raised. Here responsibility for deciding if and when we are “cured” or no longer “sick” and in need of “treatment” is in the hands of an “expert,” the doctor. In chiropractic/vitalistic practice these terms do not even properly apply. In our office you are the expert. We make recommendations for chiropractic care, and you decide how much of that care you want. In chiropractic we are not putting a name to a group of symptoms so as to diagnose a “disease” that requires treatment. We are providing an opportunity for your body to more fully express its potential for normal function, which can actually be, at times, the expression of symptoms.

It has been said that in life, it is not the destination but the journey that matters. This statement is very much in line with the philosophy of chiropractic. You would never consider it to be sensible to plan an exercise or nutritional program for better health with the concept of sticking with if for 2 or 3 months. Yes, in that period of time you would probably be feeling better to some degree. But you would know that the purpose of entering that program is not just to feel a little better for a while and then go back to your old sedentary ways or poor nutrition. The idea would be to increase your overall health and well being to ensure a higher quality of life as well as a longer one.

The same concept underlies chiropractic. Our goal is to enliven the journey of life. You may of course decide on your own goals in life. Are you only concerned with temporary relief of symptoms until the next time you are experiencing a health problem? Although that may sound foolish, it is the reality for many people in terms of their actual health goals. If that is all you care about, then you will discontinue. If that is your choice, we ask only that you are clear with us from the beginning so that we can provide what you want and end your care appropriately. Whether that makes sense to us is not the concern. Supporting your personal goals is our desire. We will always be here and ready for you should you decide that you desire chiropractic care in the future.

On the other hand if your personal/family goals for well being include supporting your body’s natural ability for optimal performance physically, mentally and spiritually, then your path is just as clear. The entire underlying purpose of chiropractic care is to remove any interference from the one system in your body that is responsible for allowing that potential to fully express itself. That system is of course the nervous system. That is why whether you are “sick or symptomatic has no real bearing on whether you need an adjustment. You should be getting checked regularly and adjusted as needed as part of your regular program of working toward optimal performance. If that is your goal, then regular chiropractic care for a lifetime of well being, just makes sense.

The most important thing to remember is, whatever your goals are, we are here to serve you with the highest quality of chiropractic care available to meet your needs.

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