The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body!
Sometimes it can be reassuring to hear about the experience of others. Probably our best work is in the prevention of disease...but how can you prove you've helped prevent something? Here is a quick sample of what some of our favorite patients have to say...

"I'll never play golf or my violin again!" These fears were only confirmed by my medical doctor. She said I had "spinal stenosis", and that my neck was "loaded with arthritis." After my MRI, she even advised me not to go to a chiropractor! I'm not saying that it didn't take several months, but at my age, I don't expect miracles. Now, my neck feels great, and I can back out of my driveway. My life has been given back to me.
- John Dobson
"There is no way that chiropractic can help with that!" I remember saying when Dr. Sperry told me that my inability to concieve a child may be changed once my lower back problem cleared up. After all, I've spent thousands of dollars and had been to some of the best fertility docs in this country! Well, now I have 2 beautiful boys. The only thing I did differently was to begin using chiropractic.
- Gillian Tottenger
I went to Sperry Chiropractic after my wife and kid's health improved so much with spinal corrective care. Spinal check-ups began to make sense even to me! My headaches cleared up almost immediately, and I was surprised to hear my cholesterol dropped over 60 points after my refusing to take any more statin drugs. My MD was shocked. The only thing changed was adding chiropractic to my health care team. Now, I guess I'll have to work on my diet.
- Abe Michaels
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